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Witty introduction that makes you think this is one radical dude.

I'm currently working on finishing an American Traditional sleeve. I'm going in tomorrow to see about getting a spider web on my elbow, which would be my second one, so hopefully I might be done the whole arm by the time I'm 73. I've always loved tattoos, but these ones in particular. I really dig the style, they've got a kind of whimsical quality to them. After my arm I've got plans to do a couple on my legs, neck, and hands. I'm not really looking forward to the knuckles, but I suppose sacrifices must be made, eh?

Well, I'm about out of things to say. If anybody has any questions for some strange reason feel free to ask. In lieu of a proper introduction, here's a good CD.


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Welcome! Where you getting tattooed? Just a warning, they may not do your neck/hands until you're fairly covered. (Who am I kidding, everyone tattoos everything now..)

Elbow for this one. Yeah, my artist already told me that they wouldn't do the hands / neck (hopefully that includes the face as well) until you have "enough". I'm in no rush, it's not like I've got a shortage of places to tattoo already. ;)

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