Tattooed Porcelain Dolls

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I'm not sure I agree with the 'alternative way of viewing the female body' part, but they ARE gorgeous. I want one!

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These are really nice figures and everything, but I don't understand why artists have to talk like this.

For Harrison, this consciousness oozes to the surface for all to see, taking the shape of inked roses and ships and skulls. In stark contrast to the flowing ball gowns and neatly pinned hair, her women possess darkly ornate bodies that prompt the viewer to question what lies beneath.

"Her research considers the relationship between interior and exterior spaces of the body, but looks neither inwards towards a hidden core, nor outwards from the subconscious," her statement explains, "instead looking orthogonally across the skin to the movement of the body itself, using the surface of the body as a mode of both looking and thinking."


Anyway... this reminds me of a Barbie that actually has really cool tattoos. Oh, no! Barbie has a life! - Alysha

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I love those. I love the...what's the word I'm looking for...dichotomy (?) of the tattoos and fancy dresses. Like the pins I've seen on pinterest of tattooed disney princesses.

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