Question about NYC Regulations for Tattooing offsite at a party

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Hey Homies!

I have a question and Im having a hard time finding the answer. I was hoping someone might be able to help.

Does anyone know the rules and regulations of tattooing outside of a tattoo shop in NYC? The artist would show up with their tools and assistant and I would provide the location, chairs and table? Any info would be great!!

Thank you so much!

PS - if youre in the NYC area and this is something you might be interested in. LMK!

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I'm confused it sounds like you want to set up your own shop but not?

EDIT: I googled and it seems you need to tattoo out of an inspected facility. So it seems that what your asking is not legal?

Anyone with real knowledge by all means shut me up

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Tattoos should be done by professionals, no matter the setting. Some professionals tattoo out of hotels when conventions can't be booked, or some similar situation. What it seems like you're suggesting, on the other hand, is probably not a good idea, especially if the artist you are working with is only tattooing outside of a shop because he or she doesn't work in one at all.

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