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Summer Games Done Quick 2014 (june 22-29)


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hello all-

I wanted to propose something to the LST site members. There is an upcoming charity event that I love called Summer Games Done Quick. A bunch of speed runners get together to beat various video games as fast as possible while raising money for various charities. This year the charity is Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). I thought it would be cool if we got together and could maybe make a donation as a community. This is something that I have been personally contributing to for a small number of years, but I thought it would be awesome if maybe we could come together and donate to a good cause and maybe spread the word of LST.

The first link is a kid from the charity beating super punch out blindfolded which I thought was too awesome. The second link is for the information concerning the event and its schedule of games. The donations usually range from $5 and up. Additionally there are usually fun/ dorky games to entice bidding and prizes. If anyone grew up like me playing these games there is a nostalgia and wonder to watching these people that have utterly mastered them.

It is beyond fun, and I would love it if some of us would donate. (please check the links).


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