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90000 mile Tattooer looking for work in NYC

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I am a 5 and a half year tattooer originally from south of Seattle, where i work at Bulldog Tattoo in Lacey, Washington. I’m a street shop tattooer and am still pretty green and looking for pick up work, doing quarter sized walk ins and anything else that nobody wants to do. I have been on the road abroad traveling to circle the world tattooing since January 2011, i have been gone from the United States for nearly 4 years and have currently been in the USA for less than a week. Since i have left home i have traveled over 90,000 miles and counting, tattooed in Asia, Africa, Europe and the UK, and visited over 30 countries in that time and had countless adventures and close calls. I just got off a freighter ship where i tattooed my way across the Atlantic from Liverpool to Philly. In my opinion, and that of any New Yorker, my incredible adventure means nothing if i can’t “make it” in the greatest city in the world.

I’m looking for 7 days, and will do one quarter sized tattoo a day, or even in that week and ill be happy. After a week I'm headed south and then west to finish my mission to circumnavigate.

my portfolio can be viewed at:


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