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Over the past couple of days I was looking into tattoo forums through google as I am getting my first in August and wanted to find a friendly and insightful community to gain knowledge and share experiences with. I came across this forum and spend maybe a few too many hours than I'd like to admit reading through discussion topics and have already learnt a lot. I am looking forward to being a member here as this community seems friendly and supportive of people who are respectful and friendly themselves - which I hope to be.

Can't wait to be a part of a new community :)

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Welcome to LST!

I'm going to jump in here and recommend not getting a design that you drew yourself. I understand that with your first tattoo the idea of total control over the permanent image you're about to have placed on your skin could be appealing, but I'd like to point out that professional tattooers are artists first and foremost (okay, a lot of them will identify as craftsmen over artists but you get my point). On a daily basis they are creating designs made to look good on skin, they see the tattoos come back years later and learn what works and doesn't as far as design (the drawing itself) and application.

I wouldn't scoff at a pug tattoo at all though, my roommate has some dogs and I love the shit out of them, when I get my own place I plan to get a pup or two and it's pretty likely that I end up with a dog portrait at some point in time. Here's a few examples of awesome pet tattoos that I've seen lately:

A couple from Guen Douglas (I know they aren't pugs but...)



Fun one from Erikka James


Sketch by Sock


...and the best put tattoo that will ever exist, by Ezra Haidet


Just a little food for thought, feel free to ignore my advice and get your own drawing, I'm not trying to shit on your plans I just like seeing people with good tattoos made by good peoples

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Exune, thank you for your advice :). Since reading around this forum I has realised how good it can be to let the artist take control of tattoos; which is why I fully plan on getting one drawn completely by the artist for my next go. This is a highly personal tattoo however and I needed to make sure the essence her is captured properly, and I really know her face best. I have practice with drawing so I have the ability to capture her likeness without looking like a blob, don't worry :). The artist already suggested to add shading to my design, which I excepted because he would know best; but I believe he thinks it will work well as a design because if he mentioned that he would have mentioned other issues to.

Thank you so much for going to the effort to post these pictures here :) very welcoming. The 'pugs and roses' sketch is really pretty.

I love the art of tattooing, and am coming to appreciate it more since joining this forum, and fully plan on getting more free designs but this is one that's preoccupied me for some time; I feel that getting someone else to draw just this piece would be wrong.

Thanks again :)

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