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Right Arm Continuing Theme-Need Some Creative Input :D


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Hey everyone, been a while since I posted here but been busy with life and such :p

Anyway, I am not done with tattoos, definitely not!! I'm always thinking and planning ahead for new pieces and inspiration

My upper right arm currently as a cobra wrapped around an ankh. I think I would like to continue with the Egyptian theme and maybe get an anubis head and some designs along the arms as well

The picture of my arm is in my gallery. Just unsure of positioning and whether to separate or incorporate the designs

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sounds cool why don't you plan out a half 3/4 or full sleeve with the artist that way it stays coherent. You may also be happier down the line going that route. There are some really cool Egyptian things to put in a tattoo. Anubis is cool, but so are Isis and Osiris lots to go with

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