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Greetings from a lady collector!


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Hello all!

I am frequently here reading through the threads, but it is only today I have decided to set up an account to contribute. Quiet day at work!

Known as Gabe (artist name LadyGabe), 25, female, in the UK. Already a member of other forums, passionate collector, and especially love Traditional / Neo Trad work.

As a creative little spud I like to illustrate, paint, create eco crafts, upcycle and practice as a freelance Make up Artist. My full time job is an Account Manager (boo boring) but working hard to move into a self employed creative position. Starting to study web design, photography, and hope to be working as a tattoo apprentice soon.

Not here to try and gain any interest in my personal work / gain apprenticeship, so dont worry I wont be spamming you with my art!

I just want to chat to other collectors / artists, who especially appreciate solidly lined tattoos. I appreciate realism / watercolour etc... in their own way, but give me a solid line any day!

Here are some pictures of a few of my collection so far.



Much love and inky cuddles


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Added photos of some of my tattoos
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Cheers for the lovely welcome all!

@HaydenRose - The Scorpion is awesome, done by Miss Jo Black in Frome in the UK. I have a booking with Amy Kinsell at Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Convention in July. It is a Star Wars theme con, so I am having a realistic Storm Trooper on the inside of my thigh. Should be cool!

@JimmyS - The lion was by Gre Hale at Rain City Collective in Manchester UK. He is doing my boyfriends sleeve, so we go to visit a lot, and I fell in love with the flash of this Lion on the wall. He smashed it in within 1 hour! Had to pin me down as it hurt like a bitch :D

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haha :D The pain is worth it when you are getting top work done. I could barely walk on it for 3 days after, so swollen! And it is our summer in the UK and it has actually been hot so didn't help the swelling. Meant to be getting the other foot done later in the year... Going to try some numbing cream next time!

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