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Mid-2014 Best Of Albums


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I really enjoyed our year end recap thread. I discovered a bunch of things that I hadn't heard! What has everyone really been stoked on the first six months of the year?

Here is my top ten thus far (in no particular order):

1. Augustines - Augustines

2. The Afghan Whigs - Do The Beast

3. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Make My Head Sing

4. Cloud Nothings - Here And Nowhere Else

5. Young Fathers - Dead

6. Cheap Girls - Famous Graves

7. OFF! - Wasted Years

8. Primitive Man - P // M

9. The Cutthroats 9 - Dissent

10. Godflesh - Decline And Fall

Not alot of Hip-Hop that has done it for me so far. That Riff Raff record was stink stink. I'm patiently awaiting the A$AP MOB record.

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So far I've been really digging (in sorta order).

Praise – Lights Went Out

Beach Slang – Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?

Patton Oswalt – Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time

Nothing - Guilty of Everything

The Lawrence Arms – Meetropole

Against Me – Transgender Dysphoria Blues

The Menzingers – Rented World

Not out yet, but really looking forward to:

Dikembe - Mediumship

Cayetana - Nervous Like Me

Restorations - LP3

The Holy Mess - Comfort in the Discord

Prawn - Kingfisher

Long story short, if a band is from Philadelphia or on Tiny Engines record, I'm probably into it.

- - - Updated - - -

St. Vincent – St. Vincent

I finally saw the Nirvana Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction with the girl from this band singing with them. It was kinda cool, and I'd like to check them out.

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