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Tattoo not peeling yet. Second opinion greatly appreciated.


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So I got this tattoo about a week ago and I've heard that tattoos peel the first week. I think that was the case with my first tattoo.

It's certainly itchy and I've been washing it once to twice a day and putting a little aquaphor ointment on it after I clean it. Am I doing something wrong? How is it looking?

: post-49607-146168869612_thumb.jpg

I tend to suffer from buyers remorse and paranoia during the healing process, but then love my tattoo more and more after it's healed. Hopefully that's the issue here.


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Give it some time, it looks fine and I don't see any reason to be concerned about it. There's a tremendous amount of variation in how tattoos heal. Speaking from personal experience, and just going on tattoos on my arms, so similar spots in terms of blood circulation and so on, I've had tattoos almost completely peeled in as short as five days after being tattooed to as long as two and a half to three weeks. There's nothing that looks bad about your tattoo.

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Looks fine, the top pic looks like a little much on the aquaphor, I use that stuff as well and less is more usually, but that's definitely not a big deal.

Like graeme said, tons of variation. My first arm tattoo was all peeled in 4-5 days, the one right under/next to it took almost two weeks. Same artist, some just take longer.

I've noticed in general it can depend a lot on the climate. Seems when it's colder, my skin is drier and takes longer to heal.

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It looks to me that you might be over moisturizing it. Remember that you are healing an open wound - it needs to be both clean and also able to get air to heal. A little moisturizer goes a long way. For me, I prefer Aveeno but that's just my preference. You should be able to use sun screen and Aloe Vera...but I really think you need to let it dry out.

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On June 15, 2017 at 4:42 AM, Ishita said:

@SStu Ohh. Is this something that I should be worried about? 

Can I apply Aloe Vera and sunscreen on it now? 

And Thank you soo much for your help. :)

You might want to try some vitamin E oil. Don't over do it though. Less is better. Once a day for a couple of weeks and see if it helps.

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