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19 year old Californian female


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I'm so happy to have found this blog, I don't have many friends with tattoos so I'm kind of left to my own devices when it comes to after care. But that's what the internet and talking to the artist is for right? Anyway, like I said I'm a 19yr old girl from ca. slowly turning my body into a canvas I can be proud of. IVE only ever wanted to be some what heavily tattooed, although my family has reservations about me doing it. What else is there.... Oh I currently work retail, I enjoy it very much. But it's not what I want to do with my life. I've done a little "modeling" for my friend who wants to be a photographer, but nothing professional. That's honestly all I can think of at this moment, so I'll let it be. Can't wait to talk to you guys! So thankful I found this blog

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