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Hey - long time lurker - decided to post up and say hello. I found LST when I was trying to decide on covering up some 30 year old flash ink I had done. After a lot of research and referral I settled on Mat Clarke, proprietor of Midnight Moon Tattoo in Meredith, NH. I'm doing a half sleeve Japanese style upstream koi with lotus flowers to represent each one of my daughters, wife, and mother. I've had 2 sitting already and will go for 3rd time soon. Hopefully will post up some photos in the near future.

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Here are some photos from my sittings at Midnight Moon. I just sat for the 3rd time last Tuesday. Mat and I decided to increase the size of the sleeve to 3/4 to add more water and large lotus flower. The lotus flowers represent my three daughters, my wife, and the final one, my mother.

halfsleeve.6_thumb.jpg halfsleeve.4_thumb.jpg halfsleeve.2_thumb.jpg


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Ok, so my sleeve is almost done... I sat with Mat Clarke of Midnight Moon Tattoo last Friday for about 4 hours...whatcha think??



I sat with Mathew Clarke on Saturday for him to finish the last Lotus of my sleeve (he also added some leaves to the inside of my bicep). The piece is supposed to be done now but my tattoo critics (wife and daughters) think I need another koi on the inside/underside of my arm (from the bottom of the lotus to my arm pit) swimming under the leaves. What do you all think...I'm inclined to go with them- hell what do I know :cool:

halfsleeve.10_thumb.jpg halfsleeve.11_thumb.jpg halfsleeve.12_thumb.jpg

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