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Hi! I'm new here and to the tattoo community in general. I'm looking to learn about the culture and make some new friends along the way.

Here's a bit about me:

I'm a guy in my mid 30's about to get my first tattoo

Got 2 twin boys and an amazing wife

I'm into black & gray portrait realism

I work as a software developer and would love to build something for tattoo artists

Good to meet you!


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Hi! What is your tattoo going to be of/who's doing it?

I've got a couple in mind.

I've got a really close relationship to my brothers. Also, since my boys are twins, they are close as well. I want it to be the phrase "I am my brother's keeper" in script. I'd love to get it done by BJ Betts. I'm new to the community, but from what I've learned so far, it seems like he's the man when it comes to lettering.

I'm also a Christian and I'd like to get a black and grey Jesus piece. Portrait realism. I'm in Southern California and I'm a big fan of Carlos Torres so he's my pick for that one.

Thanks for asking!

- - - Updated - - -

Welcome! As a software developed, what did you have in mind?

One idea I had was an app like Instagram but that featured images posted by tattoo artists. Artists could create their profiles (including contact and shop info, convention schedules, etc) on there and post their latest work. People could use the app to follow their favorite artists like they do on Instagram.

The difference would be that they could also search the app by styles, location, etc to help them discover new artists. This is something I don't think is easy to do on Instagram. I'd also want a way for artists to verify other artists. That way if I know I like the work of artist A but they're too far to travel too, I can see who they recommend who's closer to me.

Just some thoughts. Think anybody would be interested in an app like this?

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