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Hey everyone


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Hey guys,

My name is Kurt, I'm a 21 y/o Pennsylvanian. I'm relatively new to tattoos - four so far - with another in the works soon. I'm a big fan of blackwork, and though none of my current tattoos are done in traditional blackwork style, they're all solid black.

Decided to look around for a forum where I could bounce some ideas off people because very few of my close friends have any tattoos, and those that do only have one. The first forum I clicked on required a membership fee (really?) but from looking around here I'm glad this is where I ended up.

looking forward to asking some questions and reading up around the forums.



- - - Updated - - -

here are some pictures of the work i have done already.

the chakette (12-pointed star) is for my fraternity and is on my right ribcage;

the "expect us" and guy fawkes are for anonymous; I take alot of interest in the journalistic/freedom of information side of anon. it's on my left bicep;

the triforce is on my left thigh;

the "defend thy brother" is for myself and my only whole brother, he's the same with the initials flipped when he turns 18. it's on my right thigh and was my first tattoo

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