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Hello everyone and Happy Friday!


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Hello everyone!

My name is Kim and I am 31 years old. i found this site and came here to ask some questions and get some advice.

I currently have 5 tattoos, the biggest one being a japanese koi and lotus flower on my left back/shoulder. I am planning a half sleeve, to be cut off right below my elbow on my left arm, tying into my koi fish on my back. The koi was step one to my sleeve, as i can only afford to do the piece in stages.

I am planning my second tattoo to add to this sleeve and my appointment is in October. I would like to stick to one theme, and would like to incorporate the standard things in a japanese piece, water, waves, flowers, etc. I like the idea of birds too and i love what they represent. When i seared for japanese birds i came across the asian pheonix as well as the bird of paradise... i like these both. but i am very drawn to swallows. I know that these usually appear in traditional tattoos, but have seen a few japanese style sleeves with swallows in there.

Would it be possible to put 2 swallows into a japanese themed half sleeve?

I am excited to be here and am open to all of your thoughts and advice!

Thank you.

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