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My first tattoo - Horiyoshi 3 inspired samurai half sleeve


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Hey folks, just looking for a bit of feedback / advice on my first half-sleeve tattoo. It's only the outline so far, going in to have a 3 hr session tomorrow for colour and shading.

Any advice on what you'd add or do differently? I was thinking of adding some japanese kanji in a box like you see on traditional works and what-not though not sure.

Album is here. Thanks.

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Not sure what you are expecting for feedback... Do you have any concerns about it?

Just looking for feedback on the piece and if folks would add anything, I was specifically thinking about putting a kanji box on it, and thinking of what would compliment it with a full sleeve

Wasn't there a previous post in regards to this tattoo ?

Yeah is this cool? I thought that was just the introduce yourself forum? If not I can delete?

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Yeah. Leave it in the hands of the tattooer. It'll come up trumps. While he's working on this piece, start throwing some ideas together on how you can extend it down to the wrist. ...some animal features would be cool. A big dragon outer forearm, tiger inner & use the same background to tie it all in. Any subject matter mate, whatever you like.

That's the thing I like about sticking with one tattooer, it's kinda like we design on going work together.

Looking good anyway

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Hey folks,

Here's an update on the piece I've had 2 sessions since my first post and am due for one more.

What do you guys think about colouring the rest of the tatt? I've got a colour in mind for the oni.













- - - Updated - - -

My only gripe with it is the two flowers right down the bottom seems out of place.

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