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Fatal error

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Clicked on Quick Links -> View Site Leaders

Either of these messages is shown:

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 265027584) (tried to allocate 15728707 bytes) in /home2/lastspar/public_html/forum/vb/cache/db.php on line 109


Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 293339136) (tried to allocate 80 bytes) in /home2/lastspar/public_html/forum/vb/cache/db.php on line 109

Repeatable in Firefox and Safari on OSX, but the allocated memory value seems to alternate between these two values regardless of browser.

That's trying to allocate a heck of a lot of memory in one shot - we must have a ton of site leaders!

- - - Updated - - -

Man this looks like a roll under problem but I can't figure out the magic number. Sooo close to 0xF00000.

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