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Cheers from the East Coast


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Hello all!

finally decided to become more involved in this community and have to say it looks like a great place to be! I live on the Eastern Cost of Canada and currently only have one tattoo, but they're all I think about all day long. I enjoy all styles of tattoos, but personally find Japanese to be my favorite. The legend and lore behind some of the Japanese imagery is incredible! Also, the culture behind tattoo in general is very interesting.

I did read in the FAQ that it said if you have a question but don't have the 10 post minimum to post it here..so here goes.

I am one of those people that can take an interest in just about anything. As a result, I have come to appreciate all styles of tattoos. Japanese is hands down my favorite, followed by American Traditional in a close second.

I've been struggling lately with planning. I see lots of incredible, larger Japanese pieces like uniform full body pieces, or full front and backs. I would love to have full pieces like that (and I will eventually), but at the same time I enjoy 'collecting' several smaller pieces to be brought together for a uniform look. The act of getting tattooed is as much as fun as wearing them, and that's what draws me to the idea of several smaller pieces connecting together at the end vs one large uniform piece.

I've been struggling for awhile with this and quite frankly, it stresses me out haha I feel like I have analysis paralysis and I just need to start getting tattooed more and let things happen. The one tattoo I do have I do like, I just regret its placement because it impedes on the ability to have a uniform sleeve on the arm that it's on. Unless I covered it up..which I hesitant to do.

Has anyone else struggled with planning how to allot their precious whitespace? Or am I being dumb... Would love to hear your thoughts!

Also, up the irons!

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Welcome from Montreal! Where are you?

As for planning, you're right about needing to "start getting tattooed more and letting things happen". Unless you're committed to getting a full bodysuit, Japanese or otherwise, from a single artist, there's a LOT of space on your body and there's no reason why you can't have a full back or front or sleeve and still collect smaller pieces elsewhere. That's been my approach and while I see pictures of these incredible suits and really admire them for their artistry and the dedication it takes for somebody to get tattooed like that, an important part of getting tattooed for me is getting spontaneous tattoos, or souvenir tattoos while travelling, getting to visit new shops, meet new people, and so on. I love those fun little tattoos and experiences just as much as I love the sleeve I have or the back I'm working on, and I wouldn't trade the way I get tattooed for a more coherent, planned look.

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I'm in PEI haha

I have to agree with you. I love admiring the massive pieces and wearing one would be really cool but at the same time the process and experience of getting tattooed is equally as satisfying for me, too. I guess one thing I was hesitant about, as well, with that approach is what you would use for background filler. For example if you had a few Japanese pieces and a couple American pieces on one arm, what would you fill the negative space with that would look okay to give it a completely saturated sleeve-type look?

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