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Hello there fellow tattoo enthusiasts and artists!


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Hi! Bomba here. Just found this site while browsing the web. I'm a fellow artist and I draw digitally and traditionally. I've always been intrigued by the concept of tattooing. I love the fact of someone being able to create art on our bodies. Being able to carry something you love permanently on your skin. I've always been interested in pursuing a career as a tattoo artist but that dream is put on hold for while or until I can find a reputable shop that can take me in as an apprentice, which won't be happening anytime soon do to the fact that the Most of the shops in my area don't really have skilled artists and those shops who do are close to imposible to obtain an apprenticeship in so I'll stick to my sketchbook for the time being. Buying a cheap kit online (which I will not do) won't make me into the tattoo artist I hope to become someday. Here are some of my work. My traditional is all on paper I will make sure to scan it into my PC and show you all. Critiques and tips on my ART is welcomed because I definitely know I have a lot to improve on.

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