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So... Ideas please!


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Hi all, have gotten some good advice here in my short stint as a signed-up member so I'll ask for a steer here. As per the pics below, I've an old 3/4 Japanese sleeve with a koi, lotus, peony and waves. It's not exactly world class material but I'm torn between getting the sleeve continued to the wrist in a similar Japanese theme or alternatively to abandon the Japanese theme and go with a couple of trad pieces (my now favoured style).

What do you guys reckon? Also, if I was to continue with the Japanese theme, what elements could I include? The obvious would be another koi and flowers (maybe a kiku) but are there any other cool Japanese imagery that could fit in with the existing piece? A severed head or something would be cool but not entirely in keeping with the rest of the arm.

Any ideas are appreciated. I'm probably a bit away from working on this arm as I've plenty of other real estate to fill up so I'm just gathering ideas at the minute!




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I was sort of in the same place as you a few years ago, and I eventually decided to not extend my 3/4 and just get something completely different on my forearm. I think it's going to look fine either way, as long as you get tattooed by someone who does solid work. Good luck!

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Hey @Padji,

Just my .02 but I think extending a 3/4 sleeve to full is kinda for your preference only, but yours looks like it ends very high on your forearm. You might be able to get away with a nice piece added to it.

You might be happier just designing your other arm.

I also agree with @Iwar about throwing traditional pieces below it being a nice option.

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