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Hi all....Las Vegan here.

Lynn Webster Rose

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Found this site while I was looking up tattoo aftercare...impressive. I too have been using the new technique of Tagaderm film and after reading some of the posts I know I am on the right path. After using it one time, I will NEVER heal a tattoo any other way!! I am healing 2 new ones right now...making this number 5 that I have healed using the film. Although I am not where near as advanced as some of you, I AM 2/3 of the way done with my "sleeve" on my left arm, along with 7 other pieces on various parts of my anatomy.

Going to read more posts now....thanks for allowing me to join!!

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Bad Apple on Charleston. Done by one of the owners....Jessie. They put out awesome work there. They have had all the same artists for a minimum of 12 years...says a lot about the place and the owners! Cool atmosphere, good music...a TON of focal points! LOL She, (Jessie), also does laser tattoo removal.

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Can we post links to tattoo places in our local cities? Had a member ask where I got mine and would like to give them the link so they can check out some of their work.

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