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Hello all


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Hello my name is Luke as you can see, im 24 years old and currently have 3 tattoos. I said to myself why wait 10 posts to share this new idea with you guys. I am looking for some feedback on my new tattoo app "THE INK PORTAL", check it out :

The Ink Portal | Idea Support

Please msg if link doesn't work, I will send a new one.

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Before starting a business venture it's important to do your market research.

If I understand correctly, the basic concept is for a user to submit his/her tattoo idea to various shops in the area via the app, have them draw up a sketch, and bid on the project?

The fatal flaw with this concept is IT DOESN'T WORK THIS WAY. If you'd done your research, you would have known this and saved yourself a lot of time and effort.

No reputable artist is going to waste his/her time by drawing up a sketch for a total stranger via some app no one's ever heard of and especially not without compensation.

The way it works is this: pick an artist, do a consult, pay your deposit, come back, approve the design, get a tattoo. Or: walk into a shop, pick some flash from the wall or a book, get a tattoo. (Or some variation thereof if you have your own idea/sketch.)*

Your app in no way improves upon a tried-and-true business model that works perfectly as it is – and has for years and years and years.

You're welcome.



*That ideally is not a Google Image on your iPhone of a feather turning into birds or two hearts forming an infinity symbol – not that there's anything wrong with that.

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The artists would then have time to design their interpretations of the consumer’s idea and submit their own concepts and pricing information back to the consumer.

Hey hey hey guys he's trying to help you out. You know, from all that pressure of having to design a tattoo on the spot. So you could dream about creating all these neat ideas at home, while you are driving, etc.

You might even subcontract the work out to one of those websites that submits your idea to it's own set of designers who bid on the work, so you pay them, so you can then submit that website's best designs to this app without being paid a dime for the effort!

Cynics, all of you.

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