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Hi all you tattoo lovers!


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Hi! I'm from Oslo, Norway, and find tattoos quite exciting ? though I only have one tattoo, which actually is one tattoo with two cover ups on top of it ? anyway, it started out with making a knife on my underarm, when I was 16 years old (a friend made it with some homemade tattoo-tools.not being the smartest @ 16, I know ? ) After a hole bunch of years, I choose to go and make a cover up, and that was a old sailboat (I was working on a cruise ship at that time). Some few years ago, I just felt like the tattoo had nothing to do with who I was and who I am now. (All this has happened over a period of 35 years, so don't judge and convict me now ? )

The tattoo I have now, is a dragon, which I got done at Dark Art Tattoo tattoo in Budapest. I did a lot of research before I choose the studio. And I sent a picture of the tattoo I would like them to cover up. And they sent me their suggestion based on my wishes.

The ting is that I think the dragon doesn't get to be seen the way I liked it to. I think it's lacking some contrast, and I would like to get some flames where the dull green areas (the tattooist who did the dragon thought it was a good idea to get some light green ink over the areas who was not covered of the dragon-tattoo) are.

Maybe a hole sleeve?

Any suggestion to how I could do my tattoo more eye catching?


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