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American Indian Skin Art runs in the blood of my family


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hello everyone here in LST (Last Sparrow Tattoo)


i'm John Graffin and i am lucky to discover this very informative forum online site. American Indian ethnicity runs in my veins and spirit. The body is adorned with Tattoo and skin art as well to promote culture, pride and identity. I am an artist as well.

For the sake of art, i have my own product merchandising as well (one has to earn a living to survive) so if you're looking for an amazing Indian Headdress? Then look no further! We have a huge selection of amazing warbonnets! Please check out and visit my website!

Finest Handmade Indian Headdresses – Novum Crafts

We have a large team of artists that strive to make the most amazing Indian Headdresses and Animal Carvings.

Our Indian Headdresses are made out of real feathers and real leather and made by Balinese Master Hand Crafters. Our Buffalo, Cow, Horse and Ram Skulls are all real. We love what we do.

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