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Couchsurfing LST-members. Let's hook up!

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Hey! I've been thinking about this for a while, I bet there are more LST-members on https://www.couchsurfing.org

Let us link together and help each other out!

Good for finding sleeping spots and company when visiting other cities for conventions or getting tattooed. Great idea? Yes.

Here's my profile:


I'm in Stockholm, Sweden.

Also made a group for us that we can join and find each other easily:


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I had the pleasure of hosting @keepcalm and it was really nice. I hope more people of this forum will tune in to couchsurfing.org and start travelling and meeting people this way.

So far it has been nothing but positive for me, allowed me to see great things, have good experiences, make some (now very dear) friends and develop a new attitude towards life and other people. </preaching>

Seriously, you wont regret joining and getting active :)

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hey! I have been a couch surfer for years now and have used it to travel extensively when I was an airline employee, and used to host many events. Hopefully I can do some more traveling, and not that all my travels will be tattoo related, this is a great idea.

im in school now so Im pretty stationary but I will be on the move again soon!

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