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Introducing myself...


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Bonjour y'all,

My name is Brice.

I'm a French designer in Shanghai since about 9 years with a single & small left-shoulder sailor tattoo.

Now I just come back from a holiday in Bali where I've seen so many people with so many tattoos, few I liked and most I hated (the tattoos), I'm thinking of getting a big one, and to get it right.

In order to get that tattoo, I need to find a tattoo artist and only have a picture of him in 2009 London Tattoo Convention...

I'll soon ask in the general forum.

So please wish me luck more than welcome...


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Hey, thanks to u both.

Since u're up for the challenge already, here's a head start:

London Tattoo Convention | London Tattoo Convention | News.com.au

Picture was taken in Tobacco Dock during London Tattoo Convention 2009, on sept 25th.

This guy's style is exactly what I want for a huge tattoo, nothing else I've ever seen corresponds me as much, hope someone here can help...

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