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Last Saturday (Sept 6) for Old Calcutta in NYC.....

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It was posted up by Rich Fie that this is the last Saturday Tony Polito will open Old Calcutta for tattooing! He and Rich Fie have been going in every other Saturday for a while now to tattoo mostly other tattoo artists but it seems that is going to be coming to an end!

If you want to see Old Calcutta once last time......or even for your first time.....then this is the last or only chance!

I can't make it up because I would leave my shop short handed if I did BUT I thought I would let everyone know!

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You can hit up Rich, @daveborjes! He would know a lot more about it then me since he pretty much has helped Tony keep the place open on a limited basis!

My guess is that Tony will continue to tattoo at a shop or two around the city by appointment or just on occasion and I heard mention of another trip down to the Philly convention.....but not sure that is reliable!

If he does tattoo I am sure it will be quick and simple american traditional stuff off of a few flash sheets!

I do know that this will be the last time that the shop will be opened.....it will be closed for good after this Saturday!

I want to be there so bad.....there's just nothing I can do....can't leave the shop short-handed! :(

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