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Hello There.. I got a weird problem I hope to get help with..


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This is my problem.. I can give good tattoos but I can not draw on paper.. I do my best but can not do it.. When it comes to drawing on paper I can not do it for the life of me.. Is this something that is not so rare or am I just weird? My brother on the other hand can draw amazing shit on paper but can not even turn on a tattoo gun.. So most the time I have him draw it out then I tattoo it..

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It's common in art schools to have the most skilled people excelling with one particular technique and be blocked on some random others.

I'd suggest to start back from zero and to try put ur current skills aside by not using or referring to them at all.

One big paper, a charcoal, and perspective as an exercise is a good place to start.

Take a spherical, a cubical and a conical objects, preferably all white, put one strong light on ur scene and arrange them in a nice composition, and start wasting paper..

When u're happy with perspective focused drawing, start focusing on values, tones, so that depth is rendered nicely.

Then take more complex objects, and then use color markers.

I think color (alcohol) markers is the best sketch technique as it goes fast, gradients are quick to master, and u don't have colors to prepare nor the mess and cleaning associated with paint.

Since u have those skills already but just need to translate them to different techniques, it should go fast.

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