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Russian Tattoo Book


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Hi guys!

There is a quirky little antique book store near me that is open like twice every 5 years, and today happened to be one of those days!

I walked in too see if they had any tattoo books and walked out with this cool book I am about to post pics of here!!

It's all in Russian. If anyone has any info about this book, or speaks and reads Russian, please let me know!! The barbed wire on the cover evokes a prison yard; perhaps it's about prison tattoos? I asked the bookseller and he said no, just tattoos, but he doesn't speak Russian either. :p

Here are some pics I snapped! I will snap or scan more if there's interest.

Also: I no can without womans.

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looks awesome. i've got the 3 russian criminal encyclopedias, i'd like to get my hands on that as well!

I'd be interested to see how much crossover there is between this book and the criminal encyclopedias. Who wrote the ones you have?

The author's romanized name is Lev Mil'ianenkov (undoubtedly any of you who have turned to google since hearing the title have discovered this for yourself - stating for the record!).

I found a few books that referenced this book. This is making for some interesting hunting around, that's for sure. I will post anything interesting I find.

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