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Hi im steven


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HOWS IT GOING MEMBERS AND ADMINS IM STEVEN IM AN APPRENTICE AT BLOODLINE TATTOO I started painting graffiti for 7 years and realized graffiti is not a future. I was dead set to persure my career in an art feild. I dove into tattooing was scared of it becuse i sucked. Not to mention it was in a living room and having no idea what i was doing or where to start i gave my chinese machines away. then up until i worked countless or hard labor or dead end bullshit jobs i still realized i was puting my art work before my day job. i said fuck it this is the only thing ive ever really enjoyed doing was drawing painting and doing graffiti. i came to the realization that graffiti is just as permanent as tattooing it either gets abrasivley removed or covered up. so i took the plunge again then i got the courage to start from the bottom with a great teacher apprenticeing me now im 6 months into my apprenticeship and ive made alot of progress done tons of countless research from how the industry started and the mechancial parts such as hand wrapping ur own coils and cutting my own frames line work smoothe shading and solid color basic fundementals are very important to me i am certified and have my blood bourne as well . feel free to quiz me cuz im here to impress and make our four fathers proud

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