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Hello ballers, a brofist to everybody out there!


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My name is Chris and i am posting from the town of Tilburg in the Netherlands. I stumbled upon this forum while searching to cover up a tattoo i have on my foot. I have contacted several artists and i have visited a couple of studios, locally (without doing much research) but i haven't had any positive feedback, some just didn't do cover-ups at all. I have understood that getting a good cover up is no easy thing and most of the ideas i had seem to be inapplicable.

I can travel anywhere in western europe and the budget is not an issue. I want someone who will dedicate time for planning and sketching.

The tattoo is consisted from 13 randomly placed stars of various sizes with medium thick outline starting over my ankle and covering the whole foot.


I dont know where to look, could you point me to the right direction?

Thank you in advance,


PS: I really like your community. Well done!

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I haven't considered laser removal at all because i am pretty ignorant on that subject. What is the best way to proceed? Find the artist and the tattoo and then lighten it as much as coverup requires? or find the clinic, lighten it and then start looking for the artist?

Also how many sessions do you think are enough in order to allow a cover up?

I would also like to specify that i am mostly interested in b&w tattoos i am not considering anything with colours at the moment.

Thanks again!

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We're almost neighbors @GintoniK!

There may well be a decent shop (or two) in Tilburg but I'm not familiar with any. The guys at Bunker Tattoo in Breda will certainly give you honest, realistic advice that you can trust though.

- - - Updated - - -

Actually, I think Florencio Rojas is working in Tilburg these days, no idea where but thought you might like his work.

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Hello again to all the peeps on this forum. So i continued my search and followed the advice given by @HettyKet and contacted Florencio Rojas. I already had my first session (4 hours) and on the 15th i will go finish it (2 more hours). It is a free hand tattoo combining Maori and Marquesan styles, starting from my toes and finishing around 5cm over the ankle. First part is healing well and hopefully the end result will be to my likings. I'll update with "before and after" picture!

I am reading everywhere "Tip your artist"... should i really tip on a pricey tattoo ? If yes what's appropriate!? i am kinda getting out of budget here :p

Thanks again in advance!

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