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I was just reading Sboyer's response in the thread What tattoo designs can you never see enough of? and realized we have no Rock of Ages thread so here we go...

I remember when I fell in love with this tattoo design while working at Juxtapoz and we had just printed the Jason Mcafee Rock of Ages poster and just being amazed. For some reason that poster really sticks out in my mind. I tried to locate a picture of it for here but can't find it so if you have one please post.

While trying to find the image I did locate this video of Freddy Corbin at Temple Tattoo doing a Rock of Ages. It says it was done four years ago but guessing it has to be older as Scott Sylvia is shown in the background tattooing there as well??? It was posted by a user named xhooliganx and I know we have a user on our tattoo forum by that name as well so if it is the same, thanks. Since the video is labeled part one is there a second one that shows the tattoo or do you have a picutres?

Part One

Here are some other threads with Rock of Ages talk and/or pictures:

Was tattooing as popular 100 years ago as now?

What's your favorite tattoo on your body?

Full Back Tattoo Designs

Religious and Spiritual Tattoo Designs

Fastest Tattooers

New Tattoo Idea, Rock of Ages

Lets hear and see them......

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Rock of Ages is a great one. Here are a few that I like. The one that is finished, and more traditional is by Vinse One. The other two are by Matt Arriola. The one on the arm is me. The Ed Hardy "Rock of Ages" book has great stuff in it. Freddy Corbin's back is in that book. I have also posted a link to a piece of Chad Koeplinger flash that I love.

Tattoo Elite International The fourth one in the set is the one with the Rock of Ages.

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i asked Nick to do a rock of ages on me, but with a play on words. i've always wanted a record player carved out of stone amongst the waves rather than a cross. hopefully we can coordinate something a little later on this year.

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You could also make the cross a huge guitar. :)

That'd probably work out pretty good. I've got a traditional virgen de guadalupe tattoo with a guitar instead of Mary. Similar concept.

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cock of ages is one of the coolest tattoos ever! a colleague was telling me that the man who has it has a kid now. and there is some problems from the other parents when they are in the kiddie pool playing with their kids. haha

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I'd like to see both the Corbin/Higgs unintended collaborative piece (talk about divergent styles-interesting), as well as the Hardy ROA, if you guys get around to it. SBoyer posted my pics of the Conn and Brooks tattoos above. I got to check out Fred Corbin's back a few years ago, and I'd like to see it again in person. Thing aged well. No pun intended.

Click on the "Tattoos" link here to see the above backpiece, completed: Jason Brooks Tattoo - Austin, Texas

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I was trying to post that Jason Brooks one, but couldn't. It is a good one. The Cock of Ages is a bit much for me. It reminds me of the Dave Lum dick necklace on that girl in "1000 Tattoos".

For some reason "Da" was stuck on the end of my last post instead of the last sentence. Which was that tattoos of dicks and vagina's are usually too much for me. Great tattoos, great tattooers, but not my cup of tea.

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