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Ammar Dungarwalla

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hello all,

my name is Ammar. From the UK but currently living in Hamburg, Germany. Been thinking about a first tattoo for a while now and am looking to get it within the next 6-12 months! Stumbled across this site which has already been great in terms of finding incredible art and ideas.

After a good think, I am looking to get something along the lines of a lady head (with plenty of colour) and skull (just black) combo. Love the types of tattoos with the thicker black lines and strong blocks of colour. Will go back to London for the tattoo and have seen some great artists work at Frith Street and The Family Business Tatoo Shop but if anyone would like to share some more places or some pictures with what i mentioned above it would be really appreciated!


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Welcome, Ammar. Sounds like you don't need any advice and that you're on the right track! Can't wait to see the finished product. What made you wanna get your first? Is it all the incredible shows on television?

Thats a good point actually. I think some of the tv shows opened by eyes further to the world of tattooing, but I have always been interested in art in general and appreciate the medium.

Also fascinated by contrasting subjects ie. good vs bad, life and death- and after some personal experiences would love a tattoo to symbolise my feelings/interests! Maybe that sounds pretty cheesy haha

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