Hello from Buenos Aires!

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Hello guys. I am actually from Belgium but have been traveling all around America's for the last 12 months (spent like 3 months in Canada/USA)

I am currently in Buenos Aires.

I subscribed myself in here because I want to get ideas/know about sources for the tatoo I want to do. I looked for forums in French (my language) but I thought I would have more/better answers in a big English speaking forum like here. BUT ... I am slightly bored about the 10 message rule (I understand it though I have never seen this before)

So I will already ask my question here:

I am a big traveler. Traveling is my life. I work and life to travel. I have already been to around 50 countries (I am "only" 30 years old). I don't want kids/family just to be able to keep traveling. I am working (sometimes) just to be able to travel. Well... in brief, the sense I found in my life is to discover the world!

I have been thinking to do a Tatoo for a very long time and I want to "cross the step" soon. On the highest part of my back, I want a Huge tatoo that would be representing the map of the world....

I have been thinking about doing it in different ways .. With some small "stories" inside the border of the continents (volcanos for Central America, poker cards for North America and a beautiful woman face for South America for example) but it might be difficult/too ambitious?

Thus my latest idea is to have a world map tatooed but I want it "old style", which is much more beautiful/styled than just a random map. Here come my question... have you got any good source where I could find that? Example?

I love this style: I like the fact I could put "drawings" in the sides of the map. Same style:

I am really up to ideas and definitely will reach the 10 messages ... in this thread! I don't want to troll just to reach the objective ...

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Welcome! I think you have some solid ideas there, but I think you're looking at putting too much in a single tattoo. The map idea on your back is great, but you'd end up with much stronger tattoos if you just got a map on your back. The back is big, but it isn't that big and if you want to start putting little designs in the countries, it's going to end up really cluttered and unreadable. What I'd suggest instead is get the map and get those other tattoos (lady head, a hand of cards, a vignette with a volcano in it) as totally separate tattoos. I'd maybe even start with those, because they wouldn't be large, if you get them on your arms or legs, they're pretty easy spots, there are plenty of great tattooers all over the world you can pick up tattoos as souvenirs, and you can see if you like it before you commit to a really serious spot like your back.

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Pokers cards for North America? What did we do wrong to you during your time here??? ;)

Welcome! Doing a big map could be cool, but you could really lose track of the boundaries by putting pictures in there, and it might make the pictures look flat to be shoved into the contours of a continent. Unless you let the individual items extend outside the boundaries, like they were hovering in space over the earth, that could be cool.

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    • No you can't "fix" it and it didn't move. It's ink under your skin, it doesn't move. Calm down and think! Don't tell everyone you know how much it sucks because no one will notice except you anyway. It's not on a piece of paper! Your skin moves and as your skin moves, the ink embedded in your skin will move. That's a nice tattoo. If I was a Tattooer and someone gave me grief about that I'd tell them to take their business elsewhere.
    • it looks fine, let it heal for 4 to 6 weeks , when you are breathing, moving, trying to get a pic, it's going to look off, crooked, whatever, it's on a human  body ! relax, like I said, it looks great. it looks  straight to me.
    • Hello  So 3 days ago i got done my tattoo. All seemed fine till today. I removed the tattoo protection sticker and i noticed its uneven! In my opinion its not written in one straight line. What annoys me the most is the last word ‚heart‘. Its so off the line and now i dont know what to do! Can i fix that or will it go back into line when healed? Please help me out..
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