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Having gotten into collecting tattoos, I've a new found appreciation and fondness of peonies. Currently wear three different peonies from three different artists (Henning, Rubendall, Wendy Pham) and will definitely be adding more in the future. I would love to see different interpretations of peonies collected from different artists or hear who you think does nice peonies. I'm kicking around the idea of sleeving my knee and lower leg in peonies, either from one artist or a collection of artists. I'll share two artists off the bat that have been recommended to me:

Matt Deverson from Australia:


Rodrigo Souto working in the UK and is actually coming out with a peony book!


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Love it!

I've got peonies on one of my arms behind some spiritual cranes.

Also a pair of peonies on each knee...get it? Pee-knees...yes hilarious

What I love about peonies is that you can contrast the colours between the inside and outside of the leaves. And make that contrast as subtle or wild as you'd like. Purple/Blue, orange/bubblegum-pink, white/mint-green, orange, red, blue, neon-pink, make em nice and fluffy haha

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    • I did a little bit of research but instead of digging through hundreds of topics about creams I just thought I ask straight about applying in middle of tattooing....
    • As someone middle-aged but new to the tattoo scene (just started the work on my first a couple weeks ago, going in for the second session tomorrow) I'm theorizing maybe it's the "social media + Instagram" popularity/bandwagon thing? People see all these awesome tattoos online, usually a zoomed in, well lit/cropped image that looks amazing.  The hype starts, they rush out to get in on the awesomeness, then suddenly reality hits "wait, this isn't a nice cropped imagine online, this is on me forever and it does have some affect/impact on my daily life".  Probably mostly an overblown impression that fades over time, but that first realization hits hard. Dunno, that's my worthless $0.02 on it.  That feeling isn't something I share: I'm pretty sure my first one I'm getting is perceived as "dumb" by the general public (my wife gave me the 'hmmmm' response so far lol), but I'm cool with that, it makes me happy to get anyways.
    • @Dan Thank you! I had Kurt do my other foot 9 years ago but I've put off this one because it was so damn painful! Hahah @SStu Same! Putting my weight over my leg or digging my heel into the table made it easier to sit still. If I tried to relax I'd get a bit shaky/twitchy!  @oboogie Agreed! My feet are quite bony as well, makes for an uncomfortable session! 
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