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Hey, my name's Adele. I'm new here, obviously haha. From Chicago originally, living in Florida now. I'm 21 years old, going to college, have a really lame pizza job, and like to enjoy life. Haven't got any ink yet, I'm taking my time trying to figure out my first piece, which brings me to my next topic...

I want my first piece to be a memorial to my father who is about to pass from pulmonary fibrosis. I'm not wanting anything too large, and I want more than just words. Does anyone have suggestions as to symbols (plants/flowers, sacred geometry, etc.) that express rebirth or breath/breathing? Thanks in advance. :)

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So sorry to hear about your father.

My suggestion would be an american traditional clipper ship with a banner that says "Homeward Bound".

Your pops is taking a journey to that next place, thus the ship...and the ship is propelled by air/wind i.e the breathing. The artist can work in subtle things that are personal to you and your father without overcomplicating it.

Thats my brainstorm anyway. I wish you the very best.

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