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Could'nt find any knitting thread so here it goes :)

I thought we could (provided there are any nerdy knitters here) share photos of ongoing and finished projects, patterns, useful tips and rant about things going wrong and frogged projects, or maybe ones severe case of SSS (single sock syndrom). It would be nice if everyone started of with a little introduction.

I'll try to start. My grandmother tought me to knit and crochet when I was about ten and I've been doing it on and off for about 20-ish years. Still learning new techniques tho. My favorite material is wool and right now on my needles I have a pair of wristwarmers that have to be ready by saturday since it is a birthday present. They are done in two colours and the figure (called Hattifnattar) is from the finnish childrens story Mumin. I have redone them twice already and finally wrote my own pattern since they came out HUGE.

Also, if there are any ravelers (ravelry.com) here, feel free to look me up there. :)

And if you have a favorite podcast about knitting, please share! I really enjoy knit.fm. and I'm going to try out Knitmore Girls.

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I knit. And am a nerd :D

Those gloves are great.

I'm self-taught, very slow, only been doing it a few years and not very good at finishing things. I tend to avoid anything that requires coming out as a certain size, and tend to focus on things that are monster-based, like so:

Crochet Cthulu and Day of the Dead bride and groom:


Knit monster in a swing


My next project will be some stripey fingerless gloves. I'm currently focusing on yarn-bombing a nasty old pole in my garden which we use as a washing line. My toddler likes to peel the paint off it, so I'm hoping prettyfying it will stop him!

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My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was nine, and I've been on and off with it for about 20 years. I picked up knitting in January and am mostly self-taught. I spin yarn, too, something I'm also mostly self-taught at. At present I have seven projects going - three crochet, two knitting, two spinning.

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Thanks @SeaSea

I managed to get them done in time for gifting :)

@growltiger Those are all awesome! I really dig the little Cthulhu. Have you ever “yarned” something in a public space? We were a group that “vandalized” a few ugly things and almost everyone responds great to it, I realize it’s illegal but seems pretty minor since it’s extremely easy to get rid of.

@OnyxRose Please post some progress pics! I just bought a ... um, can't seem to find the word but the wooden thingy one uses to spin, and a bunch of wool, so excited to start! :)

Do you have any tips or maybe some website with good instructions?

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Any of Abby Franquemont's spindle videos on YouTube. If you have a yarn shop near you, they may have some spinners who can help, too. I struggled to pick up on it easily until I was able to sit down with a wheel spinner (I was shopping for a wheel at the time, but I haven't purchased one yet) and that's when I finally clicked on how to spin and draft at the same time. It takes some practice and first yarn will be lumpy and uneven, but don't let that put you off. I was spinning almost a year before I finally got a yarn that I considered "good" and I still have a lot to learn, because I've only been at it about three years.

It may help to invest in a good quality, balanced spindle - sometimes those toy wheel ones aren't very good for beginners who are just starting out. Schacht makes a line of good drop spindles that can be used as high/top or low/bottom whorl, they're balanced and not very expensive. Mine is the medium weight one and it cost me about $40 at a localish yarn shop.

Also, since you're on Ravelry, definitely take advantage of the spinning groups. Beginning Spinning is one aimed at newbies to the craft, and they can point you in the right direction for a ton of good resources. (I was very active on Ravelry under a different name until recently due to some personal issues, and while I have a new account now, I haven't been active on the forums yet with it.)

As for progress pics, once I get my computer back I'll get some up. It was really old and completely fried, so I'm waiting on my uncle to transfer the hard drive to a different one for me. For now I'm stuck on an old iPad and lots of sites don't allow for upoads from this device.

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I'm a knitter too, yay for yarn!

I like to knit socks most of all, and I have a yarn stash that is beyond what could be considered sensible

We are starting to feel quite the chill in the air here in BC, so I'm feeling the urge to pick up my needles again. Hope to see some knit pics soon!

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@kelzu, socks are the best, love those small projects where you get done quickly.

Had an idea of some really long leg warmers for the winter and thought 'Hey, surely I can improvise a pattern!' ...

They turned out way too big, did'nt take the hole "knitted stuff stretches with use" thing into account. *rage*

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Fellow knitter here :) Current project is a Weeping Angel (Dr Who) costume for my build a bear lion. Though that has been put on hold as I'll be starting a new costume project for him. Angel Tyrael (from Diablo). The yarn I got for new project is perfect for it :) Will be knitting two yarns together. Also have a long term as and when blanket on the go, knitted in a patchwork style.

My mum taught me how to knit over 30 years ago and I taught myself crochet/french knitting. I can't follow patterns so I just make things up as I go along.

Some pics of my knitting:

Two chunky knitted bracelets:



Knitted glasses case:


Summer hat with crochet flowers:


I have other images but they are on an external hard drive and have to hoak it out first.

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@Rawok thanks and of course I will post pics when I've finished the project and thanks :) No idea where the hat is now though, but doesn't matter as wrong time of year to wear it.

Edit: Found the external hard drive that had the other pics on, will share pics of my other knitted items soon.

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Photos of other items that I've knitted. Bare in mind I work without a pattern, I just knit as I go along.

Pencil roll 1. I knitted this with ribbon, sewed the ribbon closure and ribbon along the bottom edge. And then sewed scrap ribbon on the inside of the roll.




Pencil roll 2. Knitted with yarn.





A case I knitted for a bradbury bamboo graphic tablet (commission piece)




Netbook case 1. Knitted with yarn, buttons hand made with fimo (oven baked clay)



Netbook case 2. Knitted with material (commission piece), buttons handmade with fimo (oven baked clay). They wanted a "rag rug" look.



These bags were knitted before the charge for plastic bags.

Knitted bag 1. Knitted from plastic carrier bags and this bag is knitted from roughly 300 plastic carrier bags.




Knitted shopper bag. Knitted from plastic carrier bags and string. Roughly 200 plastic carrier bags were used for this one.



Will have to do the rest in another post.

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Blankie that I'm making, one side knitted the other side has material. I've used scrap fabric on this side. Panels are 10" x 10" and are numbered in the order that I finished them. It will be double bed size (6ft 3 x 4ft 6) when it is finished. This is a long term project.

Panel 1 - knitted side


Panel 1 - material side


Panel 2 - knitted side


Panel 2 - material side


Panel 3 - knitted side


Panel 3 - material side


Panel 4 - knitted side


Panel 4 - material side


Panel 5 - knitted side


Panel 5 - material side.


Panel 6 - knitted side


Panel 6 - material side


Panel 7 - knitted side


Panel 7 - material side



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Whoah @purplelace ! You are a knitting force of nature. I am the opposite, I can only knit from a pattern so I love your yarn ingenuity.

My great aunt taught me to knit. I am a seasonal knitter. I am also mostly inspired by knitting things for other people. Currently, I want to make rescue senior dog sweaters and am obsessed with seeing greyhounds in leg warmers so Ima try to make that happen somehow...I don't know why.

It sometimes takes me a long time to finish a project but it comes around eventually.

This thread was a great idea.

Here is an app from KnittingHelp.com that I love. Since I am seasonal, sometimes I need little refreshers on thingshttp://www.knittinghelp.com/c/iphone-video-reference-app

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