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Greetings from Oslo


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Hey all!

After lurking around on this site for a long time without contributing a whole lot I thought I'd start by introducing myself properly.

I'm an enthusiast and a collector, and I currently reside in the cold and snow-filled city that is Oslo (Norway, if you slept through geography)

My enthusiasm for tattoos sparked when I started a halfsleeve in the summer of '06, and since then it has gradually grown into an obsession.

My collection consists of work by Marius Meyer (multiple), Xam, Seth Wood, Dalmiro Dalmont and Jimmy Duvall. At least those are the ones worth mentioning.

My wishlist is too long to list, and it's constantly growing. To name a few I'd say Chad Koeplinger, Sarah Schor, Grime, James Tex, Lars Uwe, Chris O'donnel, Thomas Hooper, Peter Lagergren, Chris Cleen, Garver, Bailey, Scott Sylvia, Ryan Mason, Stefan Johnsson, Jim Sylvia, Eckel....Fuck! I was only gonna name a few. Sorry....

It recently came to my attention that Valerie Vargas is doing a guestspot at my local studio in May. She's been at the top of my wishlist for a long time, and I was lucky enough to book a session with her while she's here. Can't wait!

In the meantime I'm getting my front done by Marius Meyer. 4 sessions so far, and one short session to go.

Here's a (shitty) picture of our progress:


I'll be sure to get a decent picture up when it's all done.

I hope to contribute more here in the future. So far I've only been leeching off of all the wisdom the majority of the members here are so generous to share with the rest of us. Thanks for creating this awesome site guys!

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