The Multi-Talented Davey Havok of AFI

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So Davey is at yet again with another project. In this one the AFI frontman will play St. Jimmy in the Green Day themed Broadway play American Idiot. This man is talented and even better than that he is truly the nicest person you will ever meet! I don't think I've ever seen him not smiling (except on stage of course) or heard him say anything bad about someone. I don't even think anyone I know has anything bad to say about him, a genuine gentleman.

For those who don't know Scott Sylvia has done a fair amount of his tattoos for many years and maybe Scott will share something LST related now or he won't on Davey.......

AFI continues to grow and develop as a band and every album stands on its own in its own right. But the early hardcore albums are by far top twenty best Bay Area albums ever put out in my opinion. "Answer That and Stay Fashionable" & "Very Proud of Ya" are so good and make me want to move every time I hear them. Could you imagine an AFI show with only those songs in a thirty minute set? It'd be like the last Gorilla Biscuits nights at The Pound.

Random fact, I also just learned Melissa Etheridge played St. Jimmy for one week only last week.

Anywho, here's the article:

New ‘American Idiot’ Cast Members Include Davey Havok of AFI


Let’s have a 21-gun salute and one last encore of “Time of Your Life” for the performers who will be leaving the Broadway musical “American Idiot,” as it prepares to welcome a new round of cast members on March 1.

Davey Havok, the lead singer and front man of the rock band AFI, is the latest California punk rocker set to make his Broadway debut in the show. For a two-week run, he will play the role of St. Jimmy, taking over from the Green Day front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, the composer and a co-author of the show, press representatives said on Thursday.

Also joining the cast are Justin Guarini, the “American Idol” runner-up and a veteran of the Broadway musical version of “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” who will inherit the role of Will from Michael Esper, and Van Hughes (“9 to 5,” “Hairspray”), who will succeed John Gallagher Jr. as the show’s protagonist, Johnny.

Another new cast member, Libby Winters, makes her Broadway debut as the Extraordinary Girl, taking over from Christina Sajous.

The departing cast members will play their final performances on Feb. 27.

Arts Beat Blog, NY Times

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when i moved to california, i stayed with my brother in SF for a month before moving to san jose. tiger army was playing at the fillmore and i wanted to see them. i found some dude at the venue that sold me a ticket face value. they were the opening act for a band i didnt know. after they played i stuck around. that band was AFI. they came out and the place went nuts! then they started their first song. my initial reaction...."DAMN THAT LITTLE GIRL CAN FUCKING SIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!" Then i realized there were no boobs under that mesh shirt. whoops thats a guy.

anyway, i was incredibly impressed with their playing and davey's singing. they had that entire crowd in the palms of their hands. it was awesome.

been a fan ever since. i do think its funny that alot of people hate on them for changing up their style though. theyve been playing music a long ass time. i wouldnt wanna be tattooing the same dagger over and over. i understand the change up. and appreicate both "versions" of the band.

so cheers to davey! wish i could catch the show.

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they had that entire crowd in the palms of their hands. it was awesome.

I've watched Davey walk across the crowd with the crowd all putting their hands up to create a platform for him to walk across. Hardcore AFI fans are wayyyy into it.

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