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"Tattoos, Piercings Can Present Problems"

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American College of Emergency Physicians - Tattoos, Piercings Can Present Problems

This is an article from the American College of Emergency Physicians that has a wild mix of info about possible medical concerns/complications associated with tattoos, piercings and modifications. Some of the wheat - how to remove some piercings. Some of the chaff: "Most tattoo artists have had no formal training in anatomy, infection control, or universal precautions."

And then there's this:

At Dr. Chin's institution, it's not uncommon to see problematic penis rings, in which a metal ring that the patient has placed over his penis to keep an erection becomes stuck and interferes with blood flow. "We call the fire department" to come cut off the ring, she said. These patients can't be given too much sedation, because the room must be free of excess oxygen when the fire department's saw sends sparks flying.

Oh my.

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