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I want to get my first tattoo


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So I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while. I've settled on a design that has personal significance to me and that I'm confident I'll enjoy for the rest of my life. It's a design the Canadian artist A.Y. Jackson created back when Pearson wanted a new flag for the nation in 1960. Although the design wasn't chosen, it's still significant seeing as A.Y. Jackson was a member of The Group of Seven, an influential group of painters in Canadian history.

Although I do love my country and am proud to say I'm Canadian, the design holds more value than that. Martin Tielli, a member of the band Rheostatics, has a custom double neck guitar with the design on it. Since I've grown up listening to the band thanks to my parents, and have learned to love their strange, twisted sound, I have always loved the design in that regard. The design is also familiar in my house because when my mum carved a canoe paddle for him, she carved the design into the blade as well.

I was just wondering if the shape and colour of the tattoo would be ideal or not to have as a tattoo. I want to get it on my inner left forearm, closer to my elbow. I have a darker tanned skin complexion, with "an olive tone" as my art teacher told me. As someone who is new to the world of tattoos, I'm just looking for some advice from more experienced/more informed people to give me some pointers on the design itself (does something not work for a tattoo, change this, change that)

Here's the original design and a monochrome version I edited myself:

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Welcome! I think that design would work okay as a tattoo, though it might wrap too much for an inner arm, but silhouettes like that tend to look flat and there are better ways of getting across the same idea, like this:


That was done by Handsome Mike Bialek who tattoos at the Okey Doke in Toronto and Trophy Tattoo in Hamilton. His instagram is here. I'd suggest going to him for a Canadiana tattoo.

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