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Greetings from SoCal


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My name is Jacob Camello but most call me Jacobo. I'm a 23 year-old "artist" for lack of better words, from the Long Beach/East LA area. I've been getting tattooed for about four years and tattooing for about two years after quitting because my apprenticeship was NO BUENO. Heavily into blackwork and dotwork after picking up European tattoo mags when I worked at a shop in Artesia, CA. Currently in the process of blacking out 3/4th of my left leg while trying to basically cover every inch of my body with other stuff. Big into bodymod, metal head, crust kid, all that weird bohemian satanica stuff the weird kids are into these days. The sound of a machine while I'm under it has ALWAYS made me fall asleep. hahaha. It's always freaked people out but when I was a kid, I remember my step-dad had a buddy who worked at Norwalk Tattoo and he'd come over and work on him in the kitchen at night while I watched tv. I guess it brings me back to a simpler time but my love for it all is surreal to even me at times. Also, I have ONE tattoo. My whole body. Every piece i get is part of a whole and until I say 'no mas', I guess it's just never complete.

Lastly, I thought I'd share a really rad piece I did about a year ago on a good friend. Note: I did NOT tattoo this over carpet. I took a photo AFTER we had gotten back to said friends house. I was working out of a hardwood floor studio apartment I rented and worked out of in Echo Park. I always catch heat for this but this is one of those tattoos that you just don't forget.

Excited to say hello. Have a great day.

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To be honest, I'm just working from home at the moment. I had the lot of my equipment stolen by some shady roomies I had up in Portland last year and when I came back I had nothing. My wife (who i just married a few months ago) saw that I had been struggling to get back into what I loved, helped me out and I guess now I'm just working on friends and friends of friends. lol. I'm not sure if I want to look for a shop just yet. I sort of am a perfectionist and feel like if I bring a portfolio to a shop, it's gotta be all my BEST work done in ONLY my style. I'm not saying I hate on typical stuff (script, traditional, print outs from the internet) because every tattooer begins with that stuff, I just get bored very easily with what a lot of people have to bring to the table. It's honestly my biggest weakness and biggest strength, if that makes sense. I'll attach today's piece if you're interested. It was probably the second most exciting and fun filled tattoos I've done since I started out. P.s. Thanks for the warm welcome. It really feels nice to not get all the internet hate that's out there these days.


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HAHAHAHA!!! Dude, it's a weird weird thing. Trust me. I listen to the music and go to the shows and have HELLA friends in the scene here in East La and there are times when I'm like, "what the fuck is this?". Thank you for the welcome. :)

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