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Hello from Minnesota


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I just joined this site to learn more about getting my first tattoo ... .

I'm quite confused, I've been reading these forums for a few days, and it seems, If I ask the tattooer what I should get, I'm an idiot because I don't know what I want. but if I print a picture off google images, and say I want that , I'm an idiot because I'm not listening to the proffesional artist, like not listening to your plummer when your toilet breaks ?

What am I missing ? If say I want an eagle on my chest, I should bring a picture of it, but gladley change it to however my tattooer chooses ?

Help ?

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no, I really want a zombie buffalo or bicen ( same thing , depending ) .

I rode my motorcycle through Yellowstone National park , and am just blown away how I can be riding 15 mph down the road, and a huge, 9 foot, 800 pound beast, was just sleeping in the shoulder, right next to me ..

But just a buffalo isn't enough, I also like zombies, and just getting a zombie tattoo feels like jumping on a bandwagon, specially since they just did a " pug crawl" or something, where everyone dresses like a zombie, and it set some world record. ..

So I want a Zombie Buffalo .. but have a hard time finding refereences because I can't find one on google images, maybe nobody has done one before ?

- - - Updated - - -

Brian H, are you from MN ? have any tattoo artists you'd recomend ?

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