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Richmond Arts Festival 2014

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I have come to really not enjoy conventions anymore.....I haven't been down to Richmond since the year Billy Eason passed!

However.....I am toying with coming down for this since there may be one or two tattooers there I'd like to add work from BUT nothing is a definite though! I did see Scott's name on the list as tattooers coming!

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Everyone over in the sfo thread getting some ridiculous ink, giving the rest of us tattoo envy.

Yea, I did notice that Scott was coming again this year. I was going to get something from him last year, but could not make the convention unfortunately.

I'm usually not a huge fan of conventions either, but the Richmond one has a special place in my heart. Looks like most of the heavy hitters from Rock of Ages are going again this year. Might try to snag a little walk-up action, we'll see.

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Looks like I will be going to this one!

I refuse to look at the sfo thread because I don't want to know what I am missing....it already sucks knowing I am not there....LOL

Anyway.......I am going to go it looks like BUT so far the two tattoos I plan to get will not be done at the convention....ha ha ha!

One will be done in VaBch Friday morning.......and the other one will be done at a shop of the tattooers choosing in Richmond!

I've wanted to add tattoos from these two gentlemen for at least 10 years but could never make it happen.....so it looks like now it will!

There is one person at the convention I'd like to get something from as well so we'll see if that happens!

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So......who is def going???

Okay.....Hotel booked in VaBch for Thursday night!

Getting tattooed by Scott Sterling Friday morning in VaBch......

Then.....heading to Paul rogers grave site at the mention of his grand-daughter......going to do a few rubbings of his grave marker!

Then.....heading to Richmond to the hotel & convention.....getting tattooed by Chad K. sometime that afternoon/evening

I've also talked to David Bruehl.....Mario Desa.....and.......Kate Hellenbrand hit me up to let me know that she would be there so I don't know if that means I am getting tattooed or she was just saying hi....LOL.....I guess I'll find out when I get there!

One other tattoo I don't want to leave Richmond without......I'll let you all know who if I end up getting it! ;)

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@Bunny Switchblade Will do. My appt is at 1pm on sat.

Okay....it's a 5-6 hour session right?

I am meeting with a Richmond tattooer on Saturday....that I have wanted to get tattooed by for years.....at a shop in town and he is going to tattoo me!

I'm not sure of the time but I am pretty stoked.....

I'll be at the convention at some point on Saturday so it sounds like you'll still be at Darcy's booth!

- - - Updated - - -

also @Bunny Switchblade you've got quite the lineup that weekend. Some amazing tattoos you'll be getting, no doubt.

I take advantage of conventions like richmond to add people I have wanted to be tattooed since they are all in one place!

Not sure I will be able to get something from Mario.......but the rest of the lineup is pretty set! :)

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That's right, I'll be there a while.

And I do the same thing at conventions. I don't travel as much as I used to, so this is the way I get tattoos from awesome artists around the country.

I have actually been trying to travel more rather than go to conventions....I really am not a fan of conventions but I was going to this one every year up until Billy passed away!

Too many people I'd like to add though in one place for me not to pass up the opportunity! ;)

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