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Tattooed in NY


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Hi all, I am from western ny and have become addicted to the world of tattoos. I currently have 3, which may seem few however one is a back piece (in progress) one is the back of the calf and the other on the neck... I have plans for several more (full sleeve, collar bone, finish the back and so on) I came here because I need some help on 2 pieces I have.. One needs a cover due to blown out lines and just cruddy, and the other is half done, and when I went in I had an idea of what I wanted, picture and all, simple enough it would seem? Incorrect, the "artist" took liberties, changed the design, made it considerably smaller and just ugh... Needless to say it was never finished and I am wondering whether to cover that or if it can in some way be salvaged. I do however have one tattoo (my neck) that I love and am very proud to wear!

Aside from that, I am a mom to 3 amazing children and "work" from home if you will. My passion is my dogs and has become my day in and day out! Can't beat that.

I look forward to all the feedback I get and being able to find many,many more ideas to add to my canvas.

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