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Miscellaneous Flash for Sale

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I have some older flash set (late 90s early 00s stuff) that I got for free with an order from tattoo elite international. I really have no use for it so I'm offering it for sale to an LSTer. Includes stuff by Scott Sylvia (1996), Tim Lehi (2000), and Paul Jeffries(2009). Anyone interested?

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noticed that i also have a Lehi 1998 set and LeBlanc 2003 set.

very cheap to a good home that will use them for tattoo/art making.

How much for the Lehi 98´set? Love that set if it´s the one I think it is

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    • This happened to me 3 weeks ago. Just the black ink on 4-5 tattoos. It begin during the time a had a viral cold and hasn’t gone down since. I’ve tried ice directly on them thinking it was heat or a fever that triggered it and it doesn’t help. The newer pics look like their gone. How long did it take to go away. 
    • I think I’d wait a little while. When mine was infected, we had to wait quite a while before going back in. The skin was really tender for a few weeks. Let us know what your doctor thinks!
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