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Hey from Ottawa


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Hey all,

First time visitor to the site, thought I would join. I have registered with a couple online forums but here I hope to find more people using the site!

I just started lasering off two 10+ year old tattoos on my right arm and have booked in with an artist in NYC for a consulatation in December for a full sleeve. Hopefully by Feb-Apr there will be enough fading to start on the piece.

I also have a 12+ y/o dumbass tribal armband on my left arm that I want to start lasering asap as well. The dream is to have a full Samohin sleeve there at one point, but thus far my attempt at contact has not been reciprocated.

Anyhow, looking forward to wasting lots of time at work here on this forum with you all :)

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I'd definitely be interested in seeing some before and afters.

For sure, here are the two tattoos I am currently lasering. These were taken right before the first treatment about 6 weeks ago, second treatment is 2 days from now, looking forward to some more fading!

Right Shoulder:


Right Bicep:


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