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New to the tattoo world


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Hi :)

I am a Portuguese new to the whole tattoo world. Always wanted to get some but was never brave enough.

I am getting my first tattoo in a few weeks and want all the advice I can get :)

I know I should post on the advice section, but still can't post there. Although this what I a want to get.


I am not a designer or anything, but I do have simple sketch.

My idea is to make the tattoo on the back of my upper arm, a discrete tattoo. I made sketch, which is the start to get something, but nothing like a finished project (particularly the roots part). The idea is, the geometric figure are the places where I lived (each corner of it is on its relative map position, Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, London), and the roots hang from my home place Lisbon. The lines are thin (I don't know how thin you can make them, so that they survive time, and the skin changing) and there is a gradient in the geometric shape that goes from ocre to black.

I would love to have you guys input, ideas, and advice on how can I make this sketch better.


Thanks :)

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Thanks Marley.

I have sent the the sketch to the artist, and we arrange for him to respond with something closer to the session date. Although meanwhile I want to explore more ideas with people that know about tattooing.

I do know that and artist time and mind is something you should pay for :) but only looking for a nice informal conversation with ideas on this nice forum. Hopefully this will be the first of many future tattoos if I love it. I want it to be as perfect as it can be.

I am going for something simple and geometric, since those are the kind of things I have always drawn on the side of my school books, and what I love :)

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Welcome to LST. Honestly, and I mean this in the kindest way possible, I don't like the idea you have there and don't think anything about it would work as a tattoo. This is often the danger of a tattoo that is crammed full of "meaning": the design suffers as a consequence. If you want to get a tattoo that uses geometry, take a look at the tattoos made by people like Xed Le Head, Tomas Tomas, Thomas Hooper, Jondix, Maxime Buchi, Maud Dardeau, to just name a few people who come immediately to mind, because they use geometric forms in a way that works for tattoos. I also think that design aside, if you really want something along these lines, you really need to go large because a big part of what makes these tattoos visually powerful is the way they fit and move with your body.

Anyway, that's just like my opinion, man.

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@daragao - as you look at the work these artists do on folks, you'll notice how smaller works are laid out differently than larger works, and that anything involving long lines takes up a larger portion of the body for more oomph and visual power.

It is fine to have a meaningful tattoo, but remember to not let the meaning dictate the form. You want something that will work visually with your intended meaning, that may mean that you have to change the form. And, your tattooer will likely not care about your intended meaning; but he/she will care about making a kick-ass tattoo. So, my other bit of advice is to not get hung up on the meaning or the image, and to provide your tattooer with a list of ideas/images (high quality images) that represent what you are going after. Then, let the tattooer do their job and trust them to do a good job.

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I hope you enjoy your first tat to since you are a blank canvas you don't have to set in on one idea keep your ideas open and take the advice of more seasoned people in the field, I am also new and I always take the advice from my artist. His ideas always end up working better. Also be prepared for constructive criticism.

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