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Finger Tattoo, life span/aging quality


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So, I am a huge gun guy/shooter. I want to get "bang" on my trigger finger (not very original, I know, but I really want it).

Being in a professional environment for work I am wanting to get it on the "under side" of my finger if that makes sense.

While my wife was getting her last tattoo I was talking to the artist and he said that finger tattoos never age well and that he won't even do them.

So, my question is do they really age that bad? What is the life expectancy (if that's the right term) for it?

Would the font make a difference? I don't have a real preference on font so whatever is likely to last longer is what I would go with.

Thanks for any help!

Reference pic for location.


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I can only speak from my own experience, but I have tattoos in the area you're referring to. They are over 2 years old and still look clean and tight. The white ink in one has since dropped out, but the shading and line work is fine. In the initial few days/weeks they tended to look a little blown out, but this seemed to sort itself out over time. The only time they look anything less than good is when my skin is really dry - but a little handcream fixes this.

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I agree with what was posted on the link. I feel extremely lucky that my finger tattoos took so well. The artist who did them was old school with more tattooing experience than I've been around, so that must count for something. They were a considered addition, to the point I even drew the tattoos on myself with marker and lived with them for a good while beforehand. Unlike a lot of these types of tattoos, they are are on the sides of the fingers that face me, which was a conscious decision on my part. They are for me (not for show) and surprisingly most people don't know I have them. That was also something I decided when opting for this position, as they are mostly hidden. I'm glad I have them, and haven't once regretted the decision, but I know I am lucky that they were done so well and have stood the hands of time.

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Honestly......I really don't see the huge deal with this "I won't do them" posts

If the people know up front that they may need some maintenance then what is the big deal?

Customer walks in....you tell them up front the deal....they still want it....make them sign something saying you told them.....do the tattoo!

My thumbs....including the sides have held up perfectly fine for 3 years now....and I am not talking script...i am talking images.....

If done by the right person then fingers can hold up....maybe not forever.....but just go get them touched up every year or two or three when they need it!

If you work with your hands it is less likely to hold up....of course!

But if you sit behind a keyboard and take care of your tattoos then they will hold up longer!

There are ways of making them last longer......techniques that were shared with me before I even started tattooing to make tattoos hold longer!

If you want it done and you know the possibility is there you'll have to pay to get it touched up in the future......(prob shop min)....then go get it done!

Just my opinion of course!

- - - Updated - - -

Sorry.....this may be based on "science and society" but this is not in every case.....and I don't think it's all that constructive or helpful! It basically is trying to talk people out of getting tattooed in areas this artist doesn't want to tattoo anymore.....at least it reads that way to me!

Tell people up front and let them make the decision!

Now if you don't have the skill to put it in without blowing it out.....that's another story!

Send them to someone with more experience!

Sending them to someone who has the experience to do it shows the customer you truly care about their tattoo and not the money in their pocket!

Society moves forward by those willing to push the boundaries......not falling in line with the rest of the sheeple!

Yes.....inform the people what COULD happen to them.....and let them make their own minds!

If this was written by someone with 30+ years in the craft.....I'd consider the advice!

I was told 30 years ago the same thing.....society won't like it!!!

guess what...they didn't....LOL......and I still have a better job than most of my friends who didn't get tattooed in 1984!

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I agree with Bunny Switchblade. I have a few handtattoos and I knew they were tricky and might fade or the lines won't be as clean. But I'm fine with it. I just love them personally. Fingers do fade more so that one I'm not sure about.

I was wondering if maybe certain designs will last better than others.

What about the three small dots for example? I can imagine it would be easier to ink and make it last.

Or more simple lines and symbols. I have researched finger tattoos and some fade and blur very much, others don't. It puzzles me a little.

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I have many tattoos on my hands. Two words on the knuckles of each hand which are about two years old and look just as good as they did when I got them, the sides of my I guess palms with a phrase on each and are around the same age as the knuckles and have yet to be touched up and only have minor fading which a simple touch up could fix and then along the outside of each pointer finger which is about a year old which has faded a bit but nothing a touch up could not fix. However unlike most people I ride a motorcycle so I rode to the shop with riding gloves not cruiser style but motoGP style gloves and as its my only mode of transportation throughout the entire healing process I was putting on and taking off these gloves man times a day and also sweating as they were done during the middle of the texas summers. I do take good care of them and simply by the nature of wanting to keep my hands from being all dry and cracked i keep them moisturized constantly.

If you want them get them, as long as they are done by someone who knows what they are doing and you care for them properly you should be fine. Yes you'll probably need to get them touched up but don't you also have to go get say an engagement ring etc checked once a year and possibly cleaned to ensure it looks its best for eternity?!

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