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Hi all from Argentina


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Dear all.

My name is Federico, I’m 40, Italian but living in Argentina.

I got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago. The line-work for a traditional Japanese style tattoo.

I decided to join this forum because, searching in the net, I found an useful discussion that could really help me with a contact dermatitis problem I ran thought.

I'll reply in that specific discussion.



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Welcome to LST, who's making your tattoo? Any pictures you'd like to share?

He is a local argentinian artist that specialize in Irezumi.

I can post some pictures of the line-work:




I'm actually quite worried because after 8 days I developed a contact dermatitis and dermatologist discourage me to have more ink on my skin.

I'm posting in the "after care" section.

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Hi Joe.

Who did the line-work of my tattoo is Ezequiel, alias Zek, alias kotobuki tattoo... Is exactly the one you mention.

Give me one hour and I'll post his facebook page link where you can see his recent works (I cannot do this at work)

If I'm not wrong Zek had some tag-team work done with the other artist you mention.

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